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  1. Introduction
  2. Citizen Science
  3. University and Agency Research


  1. Study design
  2. Sampling earthworms
    1. Preserving earthworms
    2. Calculating biomass
    3. Ash free dry biomass
    4. What is a natural log
  3. Sampling plants
  4. Sampling trees
  5. Sampling soils


  1. Our publications
  2. Extended bibliography
  3. Popular press: books & articles



Invasive Earthworm Rapid Assessment Tool (IERAT)

Worm identification

Getting started

Learn anatomy and biology

Ecological groups

European vs Asian

Identification guides


Forest ecology and worms

Forest ecology

  1. About the forest
  2. Invasion rates
  3. How forest ecosystems work


  1. Plants and worms
  2. Trees
  3. Understory plants
  4. Fungi


  1. Animals and worms
  2. Microscopic Animals
  3. Macroinvertebrate animals

Soil & forest floor

  1. Soil and worms
  2. Soil layers


Join the research team

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Commonly Asked Questions

Conduct your own studies

  1. Introduction to Studies
  2. Document an Occurrence
  3. Single Plot Studies
  4. Multiple Plot Studies

  5. An introduction to locating sample points

Join an ongoing study


Resouces for educators

Lesson Plans

Games & activities

  1. Making a earthworm observatory
  2. Invasion of the exotic earthworm


What can I do?


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Earthworm Book

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  4. Testimonials


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