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Training Workshops

Great Lakes Worm Watch training workshops for formal and non-formal educators are hosted periodically during the year and at different locations across the region. Check back for updates as new workshops are scheduled.

Contact, Great Lakes Worm Watch at if you would like to schedule a workshop in your area!

Typical workshops can be 3 hours to full day events and may include:

Volunteer Opportunities

Great Lakes Worm Watch will be providing volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups to get out in the field collecting data on earthworm presence, species composition, and relative abundance along with soils and plants sampling. You will be provided the opportunity to communicate directly with researchers on study design, sampling locations, sampling protocols, identification assistance and outreach opportunities. Get out for the day (or more) conducting earthworm sampling, learning about soil and forest ecosystems and getting firsthand experience of what science is all about. For more information contact Great Lakes Worm Watch at

On-going opportunities:

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